Braille book / 点字本

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Braille book / 点字本
h257 × w183 × d35mm
178 p
Braille / 点字

Louis Braille, known for developing Braille. He lost sight in both eyes at the age of five and was attending a school for the blind when he came across a 12-point cipher called sonography, invented by French soldier Charles Barbier, which led him to invent Braille. Sonography was originally conceived as a way to communicate battle orders in the dark, and based on this cipher, he devised a six-dot Braille code that could be read more easily. In many countries, the word for Braille is called "Braille," after Braille's name, and his legacy is remembered by the visually impaired around the world, as his birthday, January 4, was designated World Braille Day in 2000 by the World Blind Union.


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